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Focus on: The End of the City

TheEndofTheCityFrom the Publisher:  I loved this book from the first paragraph, I was pulled in by the writing, the characters, and the nod to my youth and nostalgia throughout the manuscript. I could tell from the first pages sent with the author’s query that I had to publish The End of the City. David has a command of language and pop-culture that he makes look easy, but mesmerizes the reader from the moment they start reading. There’s not one single thing about this book that made me say yes, it was a brilliant combination of language, character development, emotional entanglement and the coming of age in a terrifying time. I saw myself in every single character, I saw my past, not glorified, but visceral, and the longing, confused voice of my generation in the writing. Not only am I proud to be a part of bringing The End of The City to publication, it’s on the top ten list of books that have impacted me throughout my lifetime.

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